Diot-Siaci is a leading insurance brokerage and consulting group Based in France that branches out to more than 40 countries, with almost 6,000 employees, and a turnover of €905M, in 2023.

It designs and develops customized solutions for clients that scale from Large, to Mid-cap companies and SMEs, in personal insurance, and property and liability insurance.

Diot-Siaci has a stable, shareholding base that supports clients through the long run and across the entire value chain in property and Casualty, Marine and Cargo, Professional Liability, Employee Benefits and Consulting, as well as International Mobility.



Corporate Risks and Marine Insurance


Employee benefits and consulting


Credit, bonds, financing, and affinity business lines etc


DIOT-SIACI Middle East is committed to providing expert advice on Insurance Solutions, while tailor-making packages to help clients navigate today’s ever changing market dynamics to cement a legacy of value, service, and excellence across the insurance industry.


True to our values of transparency, service excellence, client, and employee respect, we strive to provide comfort and confidence by laying a foundation for growth and always implementing a ‘client-first’ approach to build robust relationships and deliver an unparalleled experience to our stakeholders.


We develop a culture of excellence at all levels of our business.

The Group’s employees and partners are all enthusiastic and attentive to the client’s objectives.

We are dedicated to bringing value to professionals from all industries by delivering specialized services and solutions tailored to suit their goals.

Since its beginnings, DIOT-SIACI Middle East has placed independence at the heart of its organization to protect the interests of its clients and safeguard their economic and social performance in all circumstances.








With these values rooted in our corporate culture, we are able to anticipate changes in markets & risks and find solutions which guarantee the security and development of clients.

We aim for excellence by giving our clients value & peace of mind, allowing them to save time, money and effort.

At DIOT-SIACI Middle East
we are
defined by our clients

DIOT-SIACI Middle East is a leading regional provider of risk management, and insurance. We provide full-service risk management advisory that helps one anticipate how change intersects with opportunity. Our global network will support in capturing opportunity, increasing efficiency, and building value through finding innovative solutions for business risks, issues, and challenges.

Cédric Charpentier

Having graduated from NEOMA Business School, Cédric Charpentier began his career at Allianz in London in 1995. Two years later, he joined AXA Corporate Solutions in Paris as Head of Marine Cargo Underwriting, initially for France and then globally.

In 2011, Cédric joined AXA Gulf in the United Arab Emirates as Chief Sales and Distribution Officer. He was then promoted to CEO – AXA Gulf and member of the Board of Directors in 2016. He was also appointed Foreign Trade Advisor of France.

In 2019, Cédric assumed the additional responsibility of Strategic Development Officer for AXA Saudi Arabia and AXA Turkey. He was also a member of the AXA International and New Markets Executive Committee.

After 22 years within the AXA Group, in November 2019, Cédric joined Siaci Saint Honoré as member of the Executive Committee and Managing Director of Siaci Corporate & Specialty, (specializing in Property & Casualty and Marine), as well as Chairman of Siaci Insurance Brokers in the Middle East. In 2021, following the merger of Siaci Saint Honoré and DIOT-LSN, Cédric was nominated as Global CEO, DIOT-SIACI Corporate Solutions responsible for more than 2,000 employees.

Having successfully led DIOT-SIACI Corporate Solutions to achieve a turnover of nearly EUR 300m in its first active year, in January 2023, Cédric was appointed CEO of the entire DIOT-SIACI Group* encompassing all its affiliates and entities globally.

Ghassan Wazen
Regional CEO - ME, Diot-Siaci Middle East

With a Master’s in Law and Business Administration, Ghassan brings 38 years of experience in the insurance industry across various markets in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Ghassan's journey as a leader in the insurance sector is marked by a profound commitment to excellence, innovative approach to problem-solving and constant drive for innovation. Throughout his extensive tenure, he consistently demonstrated remarkable versatility and proficiency in adapting to diverse market and challenges.

His career has been marked by a series of impactful managerial roles, including serving as Head of Affinity and Direct Marketing in Paris, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of ACE Egypt P&C in Cairo, and Chairman of the Audit Committee of ACE Egypt Life. Ghassan's expertise extends to leading as Head of MENA for Personal Accident and Travel Insurance in Bahrain, Vice Chairman and CEO of MSH MENA in Dubai.

Today, as the CEO of Diot Siaci Middle East, Ghassan continues to shape the future of insurance with his unparalleled strategic insight and operational expertise. His exceptional leadership journey stands as a testament to his ability to navigate complexities, inspire teams, and drive sustainable growth. With Ghassan leading the way, Diot Siaci Middle East is ready to set new industry standards by using new ideas and staying flexible to keep up with changes in the market.

Diot-Siaci Middle East’s BROKING PROCESS

Diot-Siaci Middle East’s commitment to a team approach in incorporating the steps illustrated below, paired with the firm belief in having the suitable product functionality and specialization is key to our effectiveness and success.

Our team of specialists will develop a renewal strategy in line with your goals to help you meet your corporate objectives and service your risk management needs.

Our process will include an analysis of your exposures, loss history, current and emerging risks.

As we review the findings from the Placement Planning Process, we will work closely with you to organize and illustrate all your options and consult you in identifying insurers that would best suit your goals and needs.

Considering the variables from The Placement Planning and Strategy Presentation processes, including the gathering of underwriting information as a joint process between you and us at Diot-Siaci Middle East, we will obtain proposals from the best insurers in the market and review them with you.

A further actuarial review may also be conducted to validate loss projections calculated by insurers where required.

Diot-Siaci Middle East will forward the final submissions of the selected underwriters approximately 60 days prior to the renewal.

Our submission will include comprehensive insurance specifications to describe the unique desired program structure.

Our submission will be professionally presented to give the underwriter a clear picture of your organization that will also demonstrate your risk management approach.

Diot-Siaci Middle East will aggressively negotiate the broadest possible coverage at the most favorable cost, while benchmarking information that will shed light to you on current market conditions.

Throughout the Data Collection Process, our service team will provide you with marketing progress reports in an agreed timely fashion.

These reports will provide you with a synopsis of all the findings from the Data Collection Process, aside with updates regarding the underwriters’ responses.

We believe that communication is paramount to building trust with you and ensuring you are involved in all steps of the insurance process.

Diot-Siaci Middle East’s final proposal to you will contain the terms and conditions of all proposals received, as well as our recommendations and rationale for coverage.

The proposal will include an analysis of wording variations, deductible variations, and sub-limit variations in addition to the potential financial impact of the proposed program structure, such as various retention options based on past loss history.

When the final insurers and programs have been selected, we will work closely with you and the insurer to ensure that the service structure promised by the parties is implemented.

We shall audit policies from the chosen insurer(s) that clearly outline the selected terms, and provide you with claim reporting, and all other MIS reports.

We have a well-established and reliable professional claims team, who provide our clients with access to the latest, most accurate and timely claims information and solutions.

Your risk management program will be regularly assessed, amended, and efficiently serviced in accordance with our client promise approach.

We balance between the total cost of risk and the cost of protection of your business risks.

During the term of coverage, we maintain regular communication with the insurer regarding service issues and other concerns where the communication itself assists us in laying the foundation for the following year’s renewal.



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