Cyber Liability

With an increased reliance on the internet, businesses are getting more exposed to cyber risks, for which you need to devise the right strategies to prioritize, plan, protect & preserve your assets. Cyber risk today is one of the leading risks impacting businesses and is on the radar of risk managers globally.


Cyber-attack is an illegal attempt to access your data or to disrupt your activities & operation with a criminal intent including espionage, politics or to hold you hostage with your data. As per recent research, organizations globally are subject to millions of attacks daily and some of these attacks succeed causing panic & losses.


Cyber Liability Insurance provides you a range coverage including network interruption costs, first responder costs, data protection investigation costs, cyber extortion, business interruption, regulatory investigations & fines, liabilities, defense costs etc.


Cyber insurance provides access to IT & Forensic experts who provide various services such as:

  • Cause identification
  • Containment of breach & damage
  • Mitigation costs
  • Help you restore your business


The policy also pays for costs of notifying clients, monitoring your customers’ stolen credit card and ID details, business interruption and alternative costs of working, costs of investigation, costs of extortion, legal defense fees and damages etc.


DIOT-SIACI Middle East specializes in Cyber risks and will work with you to conduct a full IT health check up for your business to identify the gaps in your company’s cyber security and design a bespoke solution for you that’s most suited for your business.

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