Construction All Risk Insurance

Contractors involved in construction activities need to purchase a Contractors All Risk Insurance, which covers damage to the contract works and associated third party liabilities. CAR is an all-risk policy, which covers everything expect what has been specifically excluded. The specialty construction team at DIOT-SIACI Middle East can design bespoke coverage, with a range of add-ons to suit your risk profile precisely.


As part of the third-party liability cover it is important to pay attention to various aspects like extended maintenance, vibration, removal & weaking of support, principal’s existing & surrounding property, contractors’ plant & equipment, items supplied by the principal.


The policy can provide cover for professional fees, fire-fighting expenses, removal of debris, construction works taken over and put to use etc. There are other associated covers related to construction such as:


  • Delay in Startup, which provides coverage for loss of revenue arising out of damage to contract works that cause delay in completion of the project
  • Latent Defects, which provides coverage to developers against damage caused by defective design or workmanship and provides for expenses associated with remedial work and can provide cover up to 12 years after the project is completed.
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